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Shoemaker Rigging & Transport

Gary Shoemaker demonstrates his one arm lifting technique on a 13,000 lb forklift.

Steven G. Shoemaker started S. Gary Shoemaker Rigging and Transport, LLC d/b/a Shoemaker Rigging in July, 2013 in Akron, Ohio after co-founding logistics software company RateLinx in Madison, WI.  His father, Gary N. Shoemaker, expressed to him the clear market need for quality rigging services locally and across the U.S. especially for complicated rigging projects since his company, Keller Rigging and Construction, Inc., was closing its doors due to owner retirements.  The startup then added industry veterans Joe Winkleman and Michael Cullion.  Shoemaker Rigging quickly became not only one of the larger rigging companies in the industry, but was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in northeastern Ohio since 2016 in both revenues and new hires.  Shoemaker Rigging was also recognized in 2019 as Weatherhead 100 Winner (#3) and and as a 2020 Ohio Success Awards Honoree.

Steve’s father, Gary N. Shoemaker – a respected rigging industry veteran and former principal of the now closed Keller Rigging and Construction Services, Inc., joined the venture and his former employees leaving a brief retirement in spring of 2014 after his former company closed their doors.  Gary passed away in June of 2016, and kept his word when he abandoned retirement entirely and said he’d someday leave work “toes up.”   Gary’s enthusiasm for the industry, his kindness, sense of humor, and his generosity are missed by many.